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We are a brand communication and digital storytelling firm that has successfully facilitated, created, organized, and implemented digital social media growth strategies for top-tier companies and organizations. We’ve designed very specific formulas for pinpointing, growing, and attracting the right business.

If you’re here we know you’re either new to the game or frustrated that what you’ve tried hasn’t worked. The reason for this is almost always a lack of content, assets, focus, and a true understanding about how these building blocks are assembled together to get results. Technology changes constantly and moves far too fast for you to keep up AND stay focused on your business. But that’s ok because we stay on the bleeding edge and can navigate you safely through without any disruption or hesitation.

Small businesses are competing on totally different criteria in today’s digital world. With the growth of technology and social platforms, companies must adapt or risk being forgotten. But the opportunity to rejuvenate your business is here and you can level the playing field to grow your customers and to exponentially increase your bottom line.

The challenge is that there is so much noise and the space is crowded. Everyone is listening and businesses are competing for the same digital audience. “How do I stand out from the crowd and soar above the noise?” This is the question we get from almost every business we encounter. You need an ace in the hole.


That’s where we come in.

Leslie Faye Haas


Duncan Littlefield

``Social media is a handshake, not a megaphone for a sales pitch.``
Let us show you how we can leverage social media to change your business.
Our Process

One of the biggest opportunities that we bring to the table is our ability to quickly dive in deep to understand your business and then use our collective resources to craft your library of content that can be used to market your business for years to come. From designing your digital strategy to photography to video and more, this is what we do. And we’ve done it successfully over and over across almost every industry.


We begin with a deep dive with your team to truly understand your business and what makes it tick. This is the first step.

Craft Communication

As experienced communicators, our team strategizes about how to effectively deliver your message to your key customers.

Build Assets

It's essential for us to build an extensive library of photographic assets to accompany the communication plan.

Distribute Communication

Once the assets are created, we selectively and strategically deliver brand messaging via social media.

Engage Customers

An important aspect of communication is engaging and interacting with new and existing customers. We handle every aspect.

Evaluate Results

We've developed a very specific formula for getting results and it's proven in the results our team can deliver.

A Stacked

Paper Airplanes is a collective team with years of experience in engagement and digital communication. We’ve been brand ambassadors for a number of A-list businesses and media outlets. And we bring that experience to you.

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A Proven
Track Record

Having built and grown several successful companies, each member of our team knows what it means to be a business owner. We gleaned from our experience and know how to increase the bottom line.

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